What some people are saying-

"Formatting is always a chore. Brent Chadwick's system of macros for creating a numbered genealogy is a great way to expedite the process-and to make sure that you make it uniform. If you haven't worked with macros, the first few people entered are somewhat laborious, but once you get the hang of it, it goes very quickly, setting up the individual number, the child number, and even the generation numbers. And the beautiful thing is, if you need to insert a new child somewhere along the way, the macros update all the numbering automatically. No more going back through and changing all the numbers one by one. I like to set it up and enter all the people in a bare bones way, so that the template is set for the family. Then I can go back and, one by one, move the data into that person's position as the writing is completed. Makes the process so much easier.

I have tried other methods of automating the numbering, but this one has been by far the most useful. Thanks, Brent for a really handy tool!"


"Wow, Brent......thank you so much!! For those of us not too savvy with this stuff, this is life changing, I mean really!"


"I am a person who has to write affidavits. I saw Brent's macros in action at the Forensic Institute a couple of years ago. I was so impressed that I had him write an affidavit template with macros for my business. Best money I've spent. Call me a very happy camper."


"To echo Leslie's praises of Brent, in doing the multi-volume Welles genealogy, Brent provided us with macros to automatically number children. Best thing ever. I like to think I'm a Word expert, but this was beyond me. What he did saved me about three weeks of work."


"I couldn't imagine working without the macro-enabled templates either. I use the source citation macros in my research logs and reports every single day. I use the affidavit template as well for forensic cases. I'd guess these macros save me 20% of the time I used to spend on these projects. I avoid typing commonly used citations by hand and renumbering the paragraphs or exhibits in an affidavit as I insert things. I can tab from field to field in an affidavit to change details for each person, then enter all the unique narrative I need. I'd never go back to doing these things manually. Count me a happy client too."


"Brent's templates saved me hours of work trying to figure out macros and other Word functions that I haven't used before. Using his templates I got straight to work on my genealogy and the fun of writing about my research. The templates were easy to figure out and Brent was great to work with. I can't recommend them enough!"


"I was one of the attendees in the Forensic Genealogy class at SLIG 2017 this past January. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the macro-enabled templates you created and shared with our class. Now that I've had a chance to use them for a while, I just wanted to express my gratitude- - they make report-writing so much easier!"