Here are some forms and templates that I have found to be helpful in my genealogy work:

Excel Forms/Templates

Pedigree Chart

This is a 13 generation pedigree chart with 273 family group sheets all pre-numbered.

Time Tracker

This is an excel time clock spreadsheet. Fill in the hourly rate cell on the right, then click in the "Start Time" cell and click on the "Insert Current Time" button and the macro will insert the current time. When you are done with whatever you want to time, click on the "End Time" cell and click the "Insert Current Time" button again. The elapsed time and the dollars will automatically be filled in.

Word Forms/Templates

Declaration of Intention for Naturalization

This is a document with form fields that when protected can be tabbed though and filled in with naturalization information. After filling the form you can save and print it out.

Petition for Naturalization

This is a similar form except it is for a petition instead of an intention.